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1951 Born in Münster/ Germany

1965 First musical activities in local rock groups

1970 Starting music school in Münster majoring in classical guitar

1972-75 Continuing music studies at the “Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst“ in Stuttgart

1975-77 Member of the “Frederic Rabold Crew“

1977 Founding the group “ Choice“ with Lauren Newton, Paul Müller and Joachim Fuchs-Charrier

1979 Concerts in the USA

1980 Teaching at Lane Community College in Eugene/ Oregon

1981 Back to Germany and founding “The New Jazz Corporation“ with Wolfgang Lauer and Josef Vejvoda

1984 Premiere of Adriana Hölskys “Sonnet“ for two guitars and voice. Founding the Guitar Duo “ Zweitett“ with Martin Wiedmann.

1985 Concerts and radio productions with the Lauren Newton/ Steve Lockwood Quintet

1986 Concerts and recording with Lauren Newton, Uli Bühl, Manfred Kniel

1987 Founding a trio with Lauren Newton and Uli Scherer

1989 Commissioned composition for mandolin orchestra

1990 Music for the choreography “ Aetheora“ by Catrine Chappel from New Zealand

1991 Winning an award at the contest “ Musik Kreativ“ for the solo program “Music for a sad dancer“.

1992 Musical director with “ Freddy Wilke’s Tiny Mess“
Music for “ Das Sonntagskonzert“ , Dance Theater Freiburg

1993 Concerts and radio recording with Maria Joao, Mario Laginha and Lauren Newton

1994 Concerts and radio productions with Lauren Newton and Dirk Rothbrust
Recording “ Art is...“ with Lauren Newton for Leo records

1995 Recording “ Decade“ with Martin Wiedmann and Matthias Daneck
Recording “ Trio L.T.D. with Lauren Newton, Dirk Rothbrust and Bertl Mütter.

1996 Concerts with  Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck.
Concerts with Lauren Newton

1997 Concerts, workshops, more private teaching

2000 Recording of the solo album “ Le Chant du Soleil“ Recording “ Somewhere“ with Markus Zaja. Touring with Garry Hagberg. Founding “The Atlantic Jazz Trio“. With Garry Hagberg and Peter Schönfeld. Recording “ First Meeting“

2001 Concerts and recording “Billy the Kid“ with Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck.
Recording “ Some other Tome“ with The Atlantic Jazz Trio.

2002 Concerts with Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck and TheHorstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck | Thomas Horstmann | Horstmann-Zaja | Atlantic Jazz Trio | N.O.W. | Manfred Junker Quartett | Trio Emanuel | Junker-Klaiber | Don Latarski | Clovis | Hagberg/Bergeron Quartet | Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeyer | Jane Rudnick in Europe and USA

2003 Concerts with  Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck and The Atlantic Jazz Trio. Recording “Waltzing Matilda“

2004 Concerts in the USA wit The Atlantic Jazz Trio. Recording  of the solo album“ Wave Songs“ Concerts with Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck.

2005 Concerts with Horstmann – Wiedmann – Daneck and as soloist.
Release of “Wave Songs”.

2006 Concerts with HORSTMANN_WIEDMANN_DANECK (a.o. Tirana Jazzfestival, Albania), RONDOUT, HORSTMANN/LINDENFELSER.

2007 Concerts with HORSTMANN_ WIEDMANN_ DANECK and as Solist. Teaching.

2008 Project "Neue Winterreise" with music by Franz Schubert and Johnny Cash and Lyriks by: Müller, Bob Dylan, Robert Walser, Berthold Brecht a.o. Hans-Paul Möller, Vocals, Klaus Möller,Speaker.
CD "Homecoming" (FOR 803)with Jane Rudnick, voc. Hans Fickelscher, dr. perc. Thomas Horstmann, guit. guit.synth.





Frederic Rabold Crew:  

“Package of voices“ (Ornament)

“ Balance“ ( Calig)


“It‘s all inside“ (ThoMato)

Lauren Newton Trio:

“2nd Room 2nd Conversation“ ( Extraplatte)

“Voiceprint“ ( Extraplatte)

Horstmann _ Wiedmann _ Daneck:

( Way out Records)      

“Billy the Kid“
(factory outlet records)

Freddy Wilkes Tiny Mess:

 “The Spiritual Suite“

Lauren Newton/ Thomas Horstmann:

“Art Is...“
(Leo records)

TRIO L.T.D.+ Bertl Mütter:

(Lauren Newton, Thomas Horstman,
Dirk Rothbrust, Bertl Mütter) (Leo Records)

Thomas Horstmann:

“Le chant du Soleil“ (factory outlet records)        

“Wave Songs“ (factory outlet records)  

Thomas Horstmann/ Markus Zaja:

“Somewhere“ (factory outlet records)

The Atlantic Jazz Trio:        

“First Meeting“ (factory outlet records)       

“Some other Time“ (factory outlet records)

Waltzing Matilda

“Waltzing Matilda“ (factory outlet records)


“Homecoming“ (factory outlet records)
Jane Rudnick/Vocals/Keys
Thomas Horstmann/Guit.&Synth.
Hans Fickelscher/Drums&Perc.

“Rondout“ (factory outlet records)
Ulrike Kern/Vocals
Thomas Horstmann/Guit.&Live Electronic
Wolfgang Lindenfelser/Sax

10 - Horstmann, Lindenfelser
“10“ (factory outlet records)
Thomas Horstmann/Guit.&Live Electronic
Wolfgang Lindenfelser/Sax

“alive“ (factory outlet records)


Factory Outlet Records
Manfred Junker
Teal Creek Music
Crescent Records
Ingolf Hatz
Atlantic Jazz Trio
Peter Schönfeld
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